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‘Learning Time’ Encourages Young Children to Enjoy Reading

 A new rhyming children’s book by author Nancy Campbell aims to help foster positive reading habits for kids at an early age.


The book, titled “Learning Time,” is a unique, moving story about a girl, Cecelia, who embarks on an exciting learning adventure. In the story, Cecelia learns how to tie her shoes, count, read and much more. Most importantly, along the way she has a lot of fun.

As an author, Campbell has been writing poems since the age of 12, and even received the Editor’s Choice award for her poetry in 2004. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), and has appeared on The Author’s Show, The Laugh and Tears Show and numerous radio and tv programs.

She also works toward the prevention of child abuse through The Carl Perkins Center and St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and donates books to local businesses.


Note to the Editor: This Motivational Speaker will fascinate your guest. To arrange an interview with Nancy Campbell, please email her at happyreading4u@yahoo.com

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Editor's Choice Award 2004                    


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Becky Fly- Teacher and Actress in the following Movies: 2010 The Last Exorcism  2011 The Help " As a teacher I can certainly say, that this little book is a treasure; full of good advice and warm feelings."    

Jeffrey Roberts- Artist  /  Good job on the book.

Shereeda Bowers- Author and Poet / A delightful story.


J.C. Bills- Retired Military Police / I like that the book teaches good hygiene practices. 



 The Authors Show, The Laugh and Tears Show and numerous radio and tv programs. The author has also  been featured in the Fore Word Magazine. 

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